Metropolist Magazine Volume 1 | Issue 1

Get Your Guide to the Hottest Real Estate Market in the Nation Seattle’s real estate market, both residential and commercial, has been cooking for a few years, making it tough for people who want to enter the market, or even move within it. That’s where the 1st-ever Metropolist Magazine jumps in to inform. Our 1st magazine is […]

0% Down financing a thing of the past you say?

It’s all well and good for buyers that rates are still crazy low and prices have not yet started to climb.  But what if you don’t have any money for a down payment?  Everyone knows there aren’t any zero down mortgage programs anymore.  And the low down payment mortgages have super expensive mortgage insurance tacked […]

Rates vs Price

Many buyers are considering whether to buy a home NOW or wait to see if prices come down a bit more.  We wanted to clarify for our clients the most important variable in this equation: interest rates.  The majority of buyers need financing to purchase their home.  Interest rates are what buyers should be focused […]

Rent vs. Buy

In the market today, we see opportunity for buyers – BIG TIME.  There are so many great homes on the market for buyers to choose from and interest rates continue to hover around 4.25%.  At the same time, we try to temper our enthusiasm about the current market (for buyers) and look at the big […]

2009 Year In Review

A recap of the top stories in 2009: 2009-The year of the first-time home buyer Supported by the tax credit and low interest rates, first-time buyers had an unprecedented showing in 2009 and helped to boost the struggling economy with their aggressive approach to the market.  In the Seattle Metro area, 5950 homes sold in […]

Changes of “interest” in 2010

As a kick off to the new year we thought we would check in with our favorite mortgage broker and friend, Rob McAllister at West Seattle Mortgage.  For a primer on mortgages and how rates effect payment start out by taking a look at this short 3 minute video. Here is what Rob has to […]

Windermere’s New Bridge Loan

Opportunities for “move up” buyers are plentiful in the current market. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t able to capitalize because it has become harder to access home equity for down payments. Windermere is attempting to address this issue by offering its own stimulus package~short-term, no interest loans to existing homeowners looking to purchase a new home. […]

Low Interest Rates Make A BIG Difference

Right now interest rates for purchases (and refinances) are very low. Though the $8K tax credit is a big contributor to the improved market conditions we are experiencing, the low interest rates actually do more for affordability and buying power. Yesterday, with a client, we looked closer at why interest rates are low right now, […]