The Plan

Seattle Digs Strategic Home Sale Plan Step #1: Maximize Your Home Value

To secure the best possible sales price, we’ll make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Some improvements will more than pay for themselves — others won’t — so we’ll discuss your options.

Step #2: Strategically Price Your Home

Now that your house looks like a million bucks, how can you price it to be competitive in the marketplace? Instead of winging it, low-balling or splitting the neighborhood average, we will come up with a strategic asking price based upon tangible hard data and intangible unique selling points such as view, noise, neighbors and location.

Step #3: Market Your Home I’ll be your megaphone to the Marketplace!

Before your house clicks with someone in person, we need to click with them online. Therefore I will:

Step #4: Negotiate The Deal

It is the Buyer’s Agent’s job to ask for the lowest possible price for your house. It is my job to secure the best possible price. And so the dance begins. When the music stops, both sides need to feel really good about where they stand.

A few factors will influence how we will consider offers and come to agreement with a qualified buyer. I will do the research and provide you with the necessary information to weigh these factors:

Step #5: Close The Sale

Once the deal is negotiated, it is time to get packing so you can move onward to your next home and new life. I will help you close the deal as quickly as possible by managing the details on a daily basis, including:

And finally… Seattle Digs Client Appreciation

Throughout our time together, I will move Heaven and Earth to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. After your sale is complete I will continue to provide value to you wherever I can including continuing market and community information, sharing resources for all manor of businesses and assisting you with any real estate needs that should arise. Don’t your neighbors, friends and family deserve the same treatment? Of course they do! I always have time to help your friends and family and greatly appreciate your referrals!

Whenever you or someone you know needs to buy or sell some digs, remember how much you dig Domenica!