Here…There… Everywhere!

Dig this! Big news to share with your friends and loved ones! We are proud to be a member of the Windermere referral network as well as Leading RE! Sounds big, but what does it all mean!?!?!

If you love working with me and your Aunt Caryn needs to sell her lake house in Wisconsin, I am a part of an international organization of the BEST Agents around the world.

I’m able to assist you in selecting the best agent for Aunt Caryn. Most importantly, I am here throughout the process to insure she is well taken care of! Having someone you trust in your corner seriously decreases stress and understanding the process will help everyone sleep better at night.


Same thing goes for your boss who is buying her second home in Italy. Using the Leading RE network, I’m able to alleviate the stress of finding an excellent agent anywhere in the world, leaving the fun part of choosing that sweet villa to her. When she gives you the keys for two weeks as a thank you just remember who had your back!

Who do you know who needs a good agent?
If you want them to have the same high level of service I provide please introduce us!
I would love to help them.