Don’t Be a Stranger in Your Community

Have you been craving some more community involvement or some new friends here in Seattle? Feeling like an outsider in your own neighborhood can be intimidating whether you are new to the area or thinking of branching out. You might be moving from a close knit community into an undiscovered one, leaving you feeling down […]

Use Plants to Your Advantage!

Did you know that plants not only boost curb appeal, but they can also keep pests in check? Below are few species that naturally repel pest while attracting beneficial insects, like butterflies and ladybugs. Forward this information on to family and friends to help them keep pests at bay. By the way… if you know […]

Arghhhh . . . Yellow Pages!

I know this isn’t exactly hard hitting real estate news. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand that pile of yellow paper, three feet high, left on the porch each year. I actually heard a friend retell an experience of chasing the delivery person back to their car trying to give them back. […]

Neighborhood Walkability & West Seattle Summer Fest

Happy Summer! We know how important proximity to neighborhood ammenities is to our clients. It is one of the top 5 criteria we hear from the buyer clients we work with and recently came across this website that rates the “walkability” of any address. It’s an interesting site, that we hope you’ll appreciate. Walkable […]

Time to improve energy efficiency in your home?

Benefits of Energy Audit Services: Increases home comfort Saves on utility bills Increases home value Improves the environment A few inspection companies are starting to offer Home Energy Auditing Services with very positive results for homeowners and the environment. The audit is conducted like a typical home inspection where the inspector guides you through your […]