Metropolist News 11.8.18

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Metropolist Magazine Volume 1 | Issue 1

Get Your Guide to the Hottest Real Estate Market in the Nation Seattle’s real estate market, both residential and commercial, has been cooking for a few years, making it tough for people who want to enter the market, or even move within it. That’s where the 1st-ever Metropolist Magazine jumps in to inform. Our 1st magazine is […]

Is Seattle Becoming the New San Francisco?

The number of homes worth at least $1 million has tripled in the last four years across the Seattle metro area. In fact the median price for a single-family home sold in Seattle last month reached $637,250, which is up from $425,000 four years prior, according to the Northwest […]

Rising Prices in Seattle’s Competitive Housing Market

Don’t panic…Be knowledgeable about your market! If you are hoping to start off the New Year with a Seattle home purchase, make sure to do your research. With rising mortgage rates and still record low numbers of listings available, our market is as competitive than ever before. The region was just ranked as the housing market with […]

The Importance of Pricing Strategy

Crazy sellers market right? Tempted to price just a smidge higher? Let’s talk about the importance of strategic pricing… In this sellers market, many sellers are wanting to see just how high they can push their list price. The conversation goes something like this, “because my neighbors put their house on the market for $400,000 […]

Seattle Digs YOU!

To my current clients & former clients, friends, family and colleagues, I hope you dig me too. This is my love letter to you and to the Seattle real estate market. It’s back baby! So, is it good time to buy? Sell? Simply peek around? Of course! Please read on. 2012: Armageddon Outta Here! The […]

Are “distressed” homes dragging us down?

Well, according to Aubrey Cohen of the Seattle PI Real Estate Blog, a new report from CoreLogic shows the numbers we hear about real estate prices are dramatically skewed by “distressed” home sales (foreclosures and short sales). Mr. Cohen quotes that prices declined in Seattle 5.8% from May ‘10 – May ‘11 but if you […]

2010 Luxury Home Market Report

The 2010 Luxury Home Market Report is now available to my clients.  2009 saw sharp declines in the Puget Sound upper end housing market but 2010 showed a marked increase in sales and prices for this segment.  The Luxury Home Market Report has all the details including year over year sales, prices and days on […]

Cost vs Value

It’s that time of year again! The annual Cost vs Value report is in. It’s great information for current and future homeowners to get an idea of how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to home improvements. The interesting thing about this year’s report is that almost every single project […]

5 Stats You Won’t Hear On The News…

We know that many of our clients are still concerned about whether buying or selling in this market is a good idea. As always, there are individual factors that affect each person’s situation, and making a move is a big decision in any market. This being said, it’s important to keep the housing market in […]