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After your initial consultation, we will quickly get you pre-approved for a loan. Working with a trusted lender is key to quickly and successfully close your real estate transaction. Be prepared, there will be a lot of paperwork. The proof of income, assets and other information you provided for your last loan might be very different to what the banks need to see today. A good lender will usher you through each step of the process and clearly explain your obligations and deadlines in advance. If you’ve already found a responsive lender and the best possible rate — great! I will work with them to get your paperwork in order. The moment you step into the perfect house, we will be able to make a solid offer. If you’re looking for a lender or want a second opinion, I encourage you to call Rob McAllister with West Seattle Mortgage. He will be happy to talk to you at no charge and give you sound advice so that you can get your new home search off to a great start. We have swiftly and successfully helped many clients together over the years and he has helped me with my own mortgages as well.
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