Good News About Seattle Salaries…

Seattle-area average salaries outpace the nation

Some good news this week from PSBJ.

“According to the PayScale Index released Jan. 12, average wages in the Seattle metro area grew by 1.6 percent during 2011, compared to an average rise of 1 percent in the nation as a whole. Of the 20 largest metro areas in the United States, only four posted a bigger increase in paychecks than the Seattle area.”

Although we have all felt distinct challenges, Seattle has shown above average
stability throughout the
past several years. I’m encouraged to see an
indication of that continuing to be the case and hope you all experience higher wages, job security and good fortune in 2012!



Habitat for Humanity Referral Contest Results are in!

Hello and Happy New Year!

One of my favorite mentors stated her intention for the New Year as this:
“My intention for 2012 is to measure my success by how much fun I am having”

Well, I would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who rallied for the 2011 Referral Contest because working at Habitat this year was a TON OF FUN.  This contest was a last minute stroke of inspiration in the first part of October and it was a huge success!

I am very happy to announce the winner with a total of 3 referrals during the contest is Brenda Brynildsen!
The other winner is Habitat for Humanity because thanks to all of you I will be working a total of 12 days at Habitat to honor your support and commitment in 2011.

What’s Next???

This has been so fun that I plan on measuring this years success by how many days you all have me working at Habitate!
The same commitment stands.
I will work:
1 day for every referral I receive in 2012
1 day for every referral that results in closed business.

Bring on 2012..

In addition to my commitment to pounding
nails I am going to incorporate some
fun client events, rewards for participation
and also invite folks to come
out in the field once Spring is upon us.

So stay tuned throughout the year.
As always, thank you for your continued support in life and business. I certainly couldn’t do it without you!