The hardest part about selling a house is finding a buyer.


Selling a house is 20% presentation, 80% negotiation.

So, you’re ready to sell your digs? Great! I’m sure a few of these questions have recently kept you up at night:

  •  How long will it take to sell my home?
  •  How much money can I expect to walk away with?
  • What if we owe more than our home is worth?
  •  How do I make sure we get as much money as possible?
  • Is it better to sell first and then look for a home…
  • … or find a new home and then list our current home?

If you want sleep easy and rest assured that the sale of your greatest financial asset is in great hands, sell your house the Seattle Digs way.

Seattle Digs an Honest Consultation

Before we post the For Sale sign — online and in the front yard — we’ll talk.

  • First, we’ll determine if our working styles, personalities and expectations are a good fit.
  • Next, we’ll discuss your financial obligations and timing.
  • We will look at your house from every possible angle (literally and figuratively).
  • Finally, we’ll discuss the process and come up with an action plan.