The hardest part about buying a house is finding a house to buy.
Just look here:


Buying a house is 20% exploration, 80% negotiation.

So, you want to buy new digs? Great! I’m sure you’re eager to dive right in and start walking through open houses. That’s one option. Just be prepared to fall in love with a house that someone else could steal from beneath your feet.

If you want to have a lot more fun and a lot less headache and heartbreak, try house hunting the Seattle Digs way.

Before we cross a single threshold, we talk. We’ll determine if our working styles, personalities and expectations are a good fit. I’ll learn all about your hopes, dreams and realities as it pertains to your new house. We’ll discuss the process and come up with an action plan. By the time you’re Pre-Approved and we hit the town, you will be confident and ready to act.

There are so many listings on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and burned out. With my customized approach, I will hand select the best homes that meet all of your needs.

When it’s time to shop, we will take our time and have fun. You can’t truly picture yourself living — laughing, loving, playing, cooking, sleeping, bathing, lounging, entertaining, raising children — if you feel rushed or stressed during the walk through. House hunting shouldn’t be daunting — it’s a vacation with discoveries around every corner; it’s a time machine where you imagine your life in the future.

Next, we’ll discuss Seattle Digs’ stress-free loan Pre-Approval experience, the negotiation process, smooth and easy closings and finally, we’ll toast some of our recent sales.