My commitment to helping people get where they want to go informs all aspects of my business and is one of two things that have made it successful.  The process of buying or selling a home is not rocket science.  But it is also not something most people do every day.  Just as you rely on your auto mechanic to know the ins and outs of car maintenance, your attorney to be up on all the latest case law and your physician to understand the complexities of the human body.  Such is my role as your agent.

I am hired to share my experience with my clients and to take care of the details.  To advise clients on the intricacies of the market, the most successful strategies, to explain how their decisions will affect their experience and take care of the grunt work.  My clients are prepared to take confident & decisive action without having to reinvent the wheel so they can spend their precious time doing what they do best and love most.

In 12 years in this business there are two things that haven’t changed.  People, if given the information and tools necessary, will make the best possible decisions for themselves more often than not.  They will be more satisfied, more successful and ultimately more profitable having been given the respect they deserve and tools they need to make independent decisions knowing they have a steadfast advocate on their side.

What’s the second thing?

The success of my business depends 100% on my client’s happiness and success.  My job is to take great care of the people who have chosen me to help them.  If I concentrate on that goal with unending attention my clients will refer me to their friends and family because they want them to have the same experience.

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