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Cost vs Value

It’s that time of year again! The annual Cost vs Value report is in. It’s great information for current and future homeowners to get an idea of how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to home improvements.

The interesting thing about this year’s report is that almost every single project on the list has decreased in it’s resale value. Also, Seattle is just below the national average return on investment for all the projects. It is more important than ever to embark on home improvement projects with a healthy understanding of what you will reap when you’ve completed them. It is critical to weigh the cost of a project with your enjoyment of it, along with the impact improvements will have on your resale value. You don’t want to get caught paying for the “golden toilet seat” just to find not only that it won’t get you more money when you sell but also that no one else will appreciate it!

I hope you find this Cost vs Value Report helpful and remember I am always available to discuss home improvement projects. I can give you good perspective on the pros and cons of any project and help make sure you are minding the bottom line.

Have a great week!
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