Color: Reinvent Your Space

The nights are longer; the days are darker; the wind and rain make coming home a welcome idea.  But as you open the door to go inside, maybe your home isn’t as welcoming as you’d like it to be; it’s dark, uninspired and even, boring.  If this rings true for you, maybe it’s time to think about purposefully utilizing the power of color in your home.
Color can make a home happier, more inviting, cozier or more spacious.  It can also make it more dramatic and brighter.  Color instantly influences one’s mood, suggests a “feeling”, changes the perception of space and the quality of light.  Color is one of the biggest (and most economical ways) of transforming the look and feel of a home.
When determining the appropriate colors for any space, your lifestyle, personalities, furnishings as well as the availability of natural light a space receives should be carefully considered.  We know how important color decisions are for enhancing interior spaces, and also know that it’s easy to “miss.”  This week we’ve been inspired by Renee Marquardt’s expertise as an interior designer and her focus this time of year on transforming your space through color.  Renee is offering our clients a color consultation for $150 (a $200 value), and we highly recommend you consider calling on her if you are craving a new look and feel for a space in your home.  The assistance of an interior designer who can fine tune the color selections with all of your specific elements in mind is invaluable.
Renee also offers a wide range of services, including help with re-arranging your rooms with the furniture you have up to full service interior design.  With confidence, we refer Renee and Marquardt Interior Design, and feel free to call us to discuss any questions you have.
For further information on color consultation, please contact Renee Marquardt with Marquardt Interior Design at 206.491.9605 or

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